after Graduation


Graduate Placements

Assistant Professor, Hampton University, Department of Psychology

Assistant Professor, Trinity of Washington, Department of Psychology

Social Science Analyst, Department of Health and Human Services

Research Associate, Diversity in STEM Project, School of Engineering, Howard University

Undergraduate Placements

Ph.D., University of Michigan, Personal and Social Context, Psychology

Ph.D., Texas A&M, Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Developmental Psychology

Ph.D., Fordham University, Clinical Psychology

Ph.D., Florida International University, Cognitive Neuroscience

M.D., Howard University Medical School

Masters of Social Work, Columbia University

Masters of Social Work, University of Michigan

Masters in Special Education, Johns Hopkins University

Masters in Education, University of Texas at Arlington

Masters of Education, University of Michigan

M.A. Counseling for Mental Health and Wellbeing, New York University

Teach for America

Undergraduate Paid Internships

Union for Concerned Scientists


National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)

University of California, Davis

American Institute for Research