Jamie Barden

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Jamie Barden
Department of Psychology
(202) 806-9451
curriculum vita

The central theme of Jamie's research is to find evidence of the mechanism underlying evaluative judgments, including both meta-cognitive and automatic processes.  A second theme is to explore the consequences of placing the self and others into social categories (race, gender, sexual orientation).  The bulk of his research reflects the intersection of these two themes. Current projects in the lab include investigating meta-cognitive processes underlying certainty judgments (including the role of accessibility and certainty in standardized test performance), stereotype traits that are unique to the ingroup, and racial identity tailoring in advertising. 

Jamie has been on the HU faculty since receiving his Ph.D. from Ohio State in 2005.  His work is published in JPSP, JESP, PSPB and SPPCompass, he has served as Associate Editor at BASP, and his research has been supported by the American Psychological Foundation and the National Science Foundation.  He is Co-Director of the Howard-NAEP Statistics and Evaluation Institute, which is fully supported by Educational Testing Service (ETS).

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